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Dreamland, Heartland - Coming Soon!


The Unknown Hero - 2015

Soundtrack music for a dark Celtic mythology:


Evocative soundtracks in genres from New Age to Celtic Metal created for an original fantasy world set in a dark Celtic mythology. Originally these pieces were composed for a videogame that never happened.

BONUS: This EP will be updated with new music and new arrangements. Buy once, receive free updates even when the price goes up!

Chagall Sierra: composer and producer.
"Igorrr" remixed track 3 and added distortion to the guitar.

Between the Worlds ONE - 2003

Meditative New Age & World Fusion:


Mystical & magical music for meditation and dance to stir heart and soul.

Originally released in 2003, the small physical run of CDs sold out completely. At the time due to taking part in the Sacred Circle Dance community I was studying various different belief systems such as Paganism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and all these influences found their way into my music. Maybe true peace can be possible within our lifetimes if we can each decide to act differently towards one another.

Chagall Sierra: vocalist, composer and producer.
Christina Georgina Rosetti poem used as lyrics for Skylark.